Volume 28
MAJOR Volume 28
Release Date March 18, 2000
Total Pages 184
ISBN (JP) 978-4-09-125508-6
Cover Characters Goro Shigeno, Toshiya Sato
Volume 27 Volume 29

MAJOR Volume 28 is the twenty-eighth volume of the MAJOR manga series, covering chapters 244 to 252.

List of ChaptersEdit

  • 244. The Leading Star (主役登板)
  • 245. How Irritating! (ムカツク!)
  • 246. A rival appeared (あらわれた宿敵)
  • 247. Raging Counterattack (怒涛の反撃)
  • 248. Knuckle Baller (ナックル使い)
  • 249. Dealing the Blow! (打ち崩せ!)
  • 250. Dream Island Soul (夢島魂)
  • 251. True to one's word (有言実行)
  • 252. Goro VS. Kaitou Baseball Club (吾郎VS海堂野球部)


Important EventsEdit


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