A chronological list of all the Story Arcs in the MAJOR (series).

MAJOR (Goro's Story)

Kindergarten Arc

This is the first arc of the MAJOR series.

Little League Arc

Mifune East Arc

The arc of Goro's first team, Mifune Dolfines. This is the arc where the rivalry between Goro and Sato starts to get serious.

Kaidou Academy Arc

The arc of the Goro's middle school and the beigining of the high school baseball life. Goro enters Kaido High school after the middle school baseball tournement and has to go through the Dream Island before being in the starting line up.

Seishuu High Arc

The arc where Goro enters Seishuu High school to form a baseball club from scratch and try to beat Kaidou High school.

Minor League Arc

The arc after the high school arcs. Goro travels to America in order to join the Major leagues.

World Series Arc

Major League Arc


MAJOR 2nd (Daigo's Story)

Little League Arc

Fuurin Middle Arc