Shigeharu Honda
Japanese 本田 茂治
Rōmanji Honda Shigeharu
Also Known As
Age 30
Gender Male
Birthday 1963
Nationality Japan
Blood Type
Family Yoshiharu Honda (older brother)
Yoshie Honda (sister-in-law)
Chiaki Honda (wife/deceased)
Momoko Shigeno (fiancee)
Goro Honda (son)
Team(s) Yokohama Marine Stars
Position Pitcher, 1B
Number 44
Bat/Throws Left/Left
Manga Debut 001. Goro's Dream
Anime Debut Ep1: Goro's Dream and Daddy's Dream
Voice Actor Takehito Koyasu
Yuuko Kato (child)
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Honda Shigeharu (本田 茂治) (born 1963) is the biological father of Goro Honda in the MAJOR (series). He raised Goro as a single father after the passing of his wife, Chiaki. After his unfortunate death by Gibson's deadball, his presence remains through Goro and Momoko who at particular times carry his photo in memory.


Initially a struggling second-string pitcher for the Yokohama Blue Oceans, his career comes to an abrupt end when he injures his elbow during practice. He is offered a position as trainer or scout instead, as he has a degree in physical education. His friend and teammate Shigeno Hideki half-jokingly suggests for him to try out as batter, as he was an outstanding slugger during highschool his years. Both of them realize, however, that Shigeharu is too old to make the switch, given that he is already 30 years old.

After Goro runs out from kindergarden to make a passionate plea to the Blue Oceans' management, Shigeharu decides not to give up on baseball after all. He begins to practice batting secretly, afraid of disappointing Goro, should he fail. His coach and manager are initially opposed to his proposal, but as he manages to hit a home-run off their first-string pitcher, Shigeno, they give him a chance.


changing from a pitcher to a pinch-hitter

He eventually shows good enough results to play as pinch-hitter. During a game against the Tokyo Warriors, he is brought in at the bottom of the ninth and hits a walk-off home-run, earning him the respect of his teammates and rekindling Goro's faith in him. Following this "debut", he continues to play well enough to earn him a starting position during the following season.

In the meantime, Shigeharu pursues a relationship with Goro's kindergarden teacher, Momoko Shigeno, whom he finds a resemblance to his previous wife. He eventually asks for her hand in marriage after the following season. This was when he met Joe Gibson, a fierce, arrogant pitcher who just transferred from the American Major League to play for the Tokyo Warriors. The struggles intensifies as Shigeharu managed to touch Gibson's pitches at 98 - 100 mph (158 - 160 km/h). Shaken up, Gibson loses his concentration until the unfavorable umpire calls and a "small baseball" bunt offense by the Blue Oceans only add insult to injury, ultimately leading to Gibson throwing a 98 mph (158 km/h) beanball at Honda's head.

Honda finishes the game seemingly without a hitch, but tragedy struck at night when he passes out. It was result from his internal bleeding in his skull.

His death hits everyone very hard, especially Momoko and Goro. The team doctor, who failed to notice the injury in time and Shigeno, who pushed him into batting in the first place, both blame themselves. Gibson visits Honda's deathbed and mutters a few words of apology, which seem thoroughly inadequate.

Following his death, Yoshiharu (Goro's uncle) offers to take in Goro, but Goro chooses to stay with Momoko instead.