East Mifune is the middle school and team that Goro becomes a part of in season 2. He initially does not want to join because he doesn't want to become accustomed to rubber balls, but joins when it seems like they are about to lose against another team.

The team nearly collapsed when the seniors left, a remaining player was bitter about an intentional injury to his arm and wanted to destroy everyone else's happiness. He brought in two delinquents and chased the remaining players off the team except for the captain and his freakishly tall friend.

After not buying them food, the captain (Goro's shy friend who players catcher position) is being assaulted by balls batted at him at close range.

Goro stands up to them, challenging them to hit him with the balls instead. He manages to dodge or catch them all until in frustration they are about to fight him.

They tried to scare new players off, and also vandalized the equipment, ripping up the gloves and cutting the balls up. This enrages Goro as he witnesses his friend's tears, and after the longhaired guy admits he did it, they begin to fight.

After the captain arrives to break up the fight, Goro is winning but is about to have a broom thrown at him, only it turns out longhaired guy is still injured and can't even throw a broom. The captain had been oblivious that his injury had not healed once he stopped wearing the cast, and the captain apologized for his insensitivity, claiming he was no longer worthy to be captain after that.

Later they decide to join the team, and the former bully (playing first base now) pressures his delinquent friends to join, which they do.