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Latest Chapter
2nd Chapter 133

The Fuurin Baseball Club are amazed as they watch Eibou cornered by the nameless Oobi Middle. Among their players, Daigo gets surprised after recognizing one of the pitchers.

Latest Episode
2nd Episode 001

Daigo Shigeno had always dreamed of becoming a great baseball player just like his father. He joined the Mifune Dolphins, but finds himself average at either batting or pitching. Eventually, Daigo gives up on baseball till the 6th grade, where his baseball life begins to change after meeting a new transfer student.

Latest News
  • (October 15, 2017) MAJOR 2nd Manga gets an anime adaptation on April 2018.
  • (January 30, 2015) Takuya Mitsuda announces his new sequel to the dramatic baseball comic, MAJOR 2nd, after a 5-year hiatus.
  • (October 21, 2011) MAJOR gets a final 2-part OVA, concluding the anime.
  • (September 25, 2010) The final episode of Major aired.
  • (June 23, 2010) MAJOR manga has reached its conclusion after 15 years of serialization.
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