MAJOR 2nd Volume 2
2nd Volume 2
Release Date September 18, 2015
Total Pages 171
ISBN (JP) 978-4-09-126244-8
Cover Characters Daigo Shigeno, Hikaru Sato
MAJOR 2nd Volume 1 MAJOR 2nd Volume 3

MAJOR Second Volume 2 is the second volume of the MAJOR 2nd manga series.

List of ChaptersEdit

  • 2nd 009. Talent of Loving Baseball
  • 2nd 010. Ace's Baptism
  • 2nd 011. Pitching Test
  • 2nd 012. Accompany Me
  • 2nd 013. Special Training Starts?
  • 2nd 014. I'll look back at you!
  • 2nd 015. Batting Center's Special Training
  • 2nd 016. Catcher's Charm
  • 2nd 017. A Reunion without Smiles


Important EventsEdit


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