Joe Gibson
Joe gibson

Kanji/Kana ジョー・ギブソン
Rōmanji Jyoo Gibuson
Also Known As
Age 27 (Kindergarten Arc‎)
41 (Seishu High Arc)
49 (World Cup Arc)
Gender Male
Birthday December 15, 1967
Nationality America
Blood Type
Height 198cm
Weight 112kg
Family Laura Gibson (wife/divorced)
Joe Gibson Jr. (son)
Mellissa Gibson (daughter)
Occupation Pro-Baseball Player (Retired)
Team(s) Tokyo Giants
San Francisco Guns
New York Titans
Chicago Bisons
2A Nashville Bulls
Texas Raiders
Position Pitcher, Coach
Number 49 {Tokyo Giants)
35 (San Francisco Guns)
44 (New York Titans)
18 (W-Cup Representative)
13 (Chicago Bisons, 2A Nashville Bulls)
Bat/Throws Left/Left
Manga Debut 015. An Uncooperative Superstar
Anime Debut Ep5: The Man from the Majors
Voice Actor Kouji Ouchiai
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Joe Gibson (ジョー・ギブソン Jyoo Gibuson?) is Goro Shigeno's goal adversary in the MAJOR series. He was the last opponent Shigeharu Honda faced during the fated match, resulting in Shigeharu's accidental death and becoming Goro's drive to settling things with him one day on the field.

Since the Deadball incident, Gibson carries the heavy burden of atonement by giving Goro a chance to beam him back.


Gibson first appears as a young blonde adult while sporting a ponytail. In season 3, he shorts off the ponytail to be a mature man with a goatee.


Gibson was introduced as a famous American pitcher, coming to play in Japan.





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