Season 1, Episode 20
Ep20: Goro's Mistake!?
Japanese 吾郎降板?!
Rōmanji Gorō Kōban!?
Animation Director
Episode 20
Air Date April 9, 2005
Opening Kokoroe
Ending Faraway
Adapted from 087, 088, 089, 090, 091 (¾)
Story Arc Little League Arc
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Goro's Mistake!? is the 20th episode of the MAJOR anime, and 20th episode of the 1st season. It was aired on April 9, 2005.

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The game against Totsuka West starts, and Kyuta, the ace and first batter, scores a home-run against Goro at the top of first. After that, they arent able to hit Kyuta's forkball and Komori injuries his hand. As the 2nd inning starts, Goro is now the catcher, Komori the center and Sawamura the pitcher. With that, Totsuka's 8th batter scores a grand slam against Sawamura, the count is now 5-0 for Totsuka. The Mifune players helps Sawamura to end the inning and continue in a 5-0 until the 6th inning. Tsuruta is out and Sawamura is the batter. Kyuta pitches.

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