Season 1, Episode 13
Ep13: Summer! Baseball! Training Camp!
Japanese 夏だ, 野球だ, 合宿だ!
Rōmanji Natsu Da, Yakyū Da, Gasshuku Da!
Animation Director
Episode 13
Air Date February 12, 2005
Opening Kokoroe
Ending Step
Adapted from 053, 054, 055, 056, 057, 058
Story Arc Little League Arc
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Summer! Baseball! Training Camp! is the 13th episode of the MAJOR anime, and 13th episode of the 1st season. It was aired on February 12, 2005.

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As the members are in their summer break, Goro suggests a training camp, but Ando advices that only powerful teams will be in the camp, what leaves Goro even more excited. As they enter the camp dormitory, they find Kuki Little 4th batter sleeping in their room. After that, Goro challenges the 4th batter and wins, earning the chance to play against his team. The next day, they play against Kuki, but when Goro hits a runner in his head, he loses all his control.

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